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㈜넥스포와 Schneider Electric 의 최신 기술력으로 효율성, 안전성, 사이버 보안, 환경, 신뢰성 위험 요소 뿐만 아니라 수익성까지도 제어할 수 있도록 ‘모든 레벨에서의 혁신’ 을 제공합니다.

설계, 제작 시간 단축

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We provide 'innovation at every level' in order to control rofitability as well as efficiency, safety, cyber security, the environment, and risk factors of reliability, utilizing the advanced technological prowess of both NEXPO Co., Ltd. and Schneider Electric.

  • All
  • Feeder
  • Motor
  • Generator
  • Transformer
  • Transmission
  • Busbar
  • BreakerFail
  • Bay Controller
  • MiCOM
  • VAMP
Image Description IED


  • Integrated Resistor and Varistor Unit for High Impedance Differential Schemes

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