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Distance Protection and Control Relays
Easergy MiCOM P43x distance protection and One-Box devices are used for selective short circuit, ground fault and overload protection in all kinds of medium, high and extra-high voltage systems.

거리 보호 및 제어 계전기
MiCOM P43x 거리 보호 및 1 박스 기기는 모든 종류의 중전압, 고압, 초고압 시스템에서의 선택적인 단락 사고, 접지 사고 및 과부하 보호를 위해 사용됩니다.


항목 사양
  P433 P435 P437 P439
제어전원 (Power Supply) 24-60Vdc
CT Inputs 4 4 or 5 4
VT inputs 4 or 5
Number of Digital input (max) 70 82 36 70
Number of Digital Output (max) 32 48 48 28
Number of Analog Input (optional) 1
Number of Analog Output (optional) 2
Number of RTDs (optional) 1
보호기능 Distance (21/21N)
Check synchronising (25)
Directional power (32)
Voltage controlled directional reactive power (32V)*
Negative sequence overcurrent (46)
Directional negative sequence (46/67)*
Broken conductor (46BC)
Thermal overload (49)
Earth fault (50/51N)
Phase overcurrent (50/51P)
Stub bus protection (50ST)
Over / under voltage (59/27)
Residual over voltage (59N)
Circuit breaker failure (62/50BF)
Earth fault directional (67N)
Transient ground fault detection (67N)*
Wattmetric earth fault (67W)*
Out of step tripping (68)
Power swing blocking (78)
Auto-reclose (79)
Over / under frequency (81)
Rate of change of frequency (81R)
Under-frequency load shedding (81P)
Current transformer supervision / VT supervision (CTS/VTS)
통신 프로토콜 (Communication Protocol) IEC60870-5-103, IEC 60870-5-101, DNP3.0, Modbus and Courier, IEC61850
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