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MiCOM P14x
Feeder Overcurrent & Earth Fault Protection Relays
Overcurrent, Earth Fault and complete feeder power system protection, control and monitoring including advanced communication and integrated functions dedicated to feeders.

MiCOM P141 : Feeder management relay
MiCOM P142 : Feeder management with integrated Autoreclose
MiCOM P143 : Feeder management, integrated Autoreclose and Check Synchronism
MiCOM P145 : Feeder management, Autoreclose, Check Synchronism and Enhanced operator control functions


항목 사양
  P132 P139
제어전원 (Power Supply) 24-60Vdc
CT Inputs 4
VT inputs 4 or 5
Number of Digital input (max) 70
Number of Digital Output (max) 32 28
Number of Analog Input (optional) 1
Number of Analog Output (optional) 2
Number of RTDs (optional) 10
보호기능 Check synchronising (25)
Directional power (32)
Voltage controlled direct. reactive power(32V)
Undercurret (37)
Negative sequence overcurrent (46)
Broken conductor (46BC)
Negative sequence over voltage (47)
Thermal overload (49)
Ground fault (50/51N)
3 Phase overcurrent (50/51P)
Circuit breaker failure (50BF)
Motor Protection (48/51LR/66)
Voltage controlled overcurrent(51V)
Over / Under voltage (59/27)
Residual over voltage (59N)
Restricted earth fault (64)
Ground fault directional (67N)
Auto-reclose (79)
Under / Over frequency (81)
Rate of change of frequency (81R)
Current transformer supervision / VT supervision (CTS/VTS)
통신 프로토콜 (Communication Protocol) IEC60870-5-103, IEC 60870-5-101, DNP3.0, Modbus and Courier, IEC61850
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