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IED Products

We provide 'innovation at every level' in order to control rofitability as well as efficiency, safety, cyber security, the environment, and risk factors of reliability, utilizing the advanced technological prowess of both NEXPO Co., Ltd. and Schneider Electric.

Reduce design and production time

Expert knowledge and know-how

Increased productivity

Reduced downtime


NEXPO Provides Protection solution through various IED products. Easergy MiCOM and Vamp are equipped with reliable rotection and advanced multi-function

  • All
  • Feeder
  • Motor
  • Generator
  • Transformer
  • Transmission
  • Busbar
  • BreakerFail
  • Bay Controller
  • MiCOM
  • VAMP
Image Description IED


  • Integrated Resistor and Varistor Unit for High Impedance Differential Schemes

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